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Date: October 6th 1918
Inez Hill
Arnold Smith

October 6/18

Bramshott Camp

Hants, England

23rd Canadian Reserve

F Company.

Dear Inez,

While in Convalescent Camp at Epsom, I was very pleased to receive several letters from you. The last one was dated July 31st and you were still at camp.

Now I have been a long time in writing but mailed a few postcards from hospital and Epsom which I hope you received. I am not bothered by the censor over here and so I cannot get away with a short letter.

I started several times to write to you and may have mailed one telling of my experiences up to reaching hospital. If I repeat anything I have mentioned in previous letters, please overlook it.

At the beginning of August we were pulled out of line, north of Arras and taken in buses to a small town near Abbèville. The next night we started our long tramp towards Amiens. We rested during daytime and marched at night in order to keep movements as secret as possible.

The weather is to say the least “rotten.” It has rained all day and is quite cold. Still as long as the war is over and a fellow does not have to wallow through Flander’s mud, he should not complain.

Likely about Xmas I shall get a week’s leave. Two of us have planned a trip to Glasgow, I want to see Edinburgh also if I have time.

Well I shall ring off for present. As long as you address mail to my reserve, giving my number, it will reach me.

With best wishes,

I remain

As ever

Arnold S. 

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