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Date: February 12th 1918
Mrs. Smith
Arnold Smith



Dear Mother,

A Canadian mail has just arrived and in it was your letter dated Jan. 9. I also received parcel a few days ago.

It was some time ago that I wrote to you before. During that interval we have made another tour in the line. I was on Headquarters and we were very busy, on Signal station. The Hun shelled us a good deal at times but did not do much damage.

A fellow always has to be on the alert for gas. Fritz uses it a good deal on this Sector and it is very dangerous if you don’t get your helmet on in time. Dugouts are fixed now so that very little can get in if warning is given in time.

I am at transport on a signal station with two other fellows. We have a good warm shack and draw coals from the stores daily. I really believe that it is the most comfortable place I have been in since coming to France. There is very little going on over line so we are having a great rest.

There has been no snow for a considerable period and very little rain so the ground is getting quite dry. To-day is an ideal day and I would rather be outside than in here. Some fellows are having a game of football nearby and the boys have had several games of baseball up at the battalion.

I was interrupted a few minutes ago by a call for the battalion. On not being able to raise exchange we found that line had been cut by some men working in field nearby. It is quite common to have line trouble is shelled parts but should not experience the same back here.

Before very long if leave keeps on as at present I shall soon get my second pass and shall go to Blighty this time. I am starting my nineteenth month in France today and it seems like so many years.

I really intended putting in for the Flying Corps this trip out but as so many of the boys are making a try for it, I am going to wait. There are a lot of papers to fill out, then pass the battalion commander, then the brigadier and last but not least the flight Commander before getting away. There is so much red tape about it that it makes a fellow think twice before attempting anything.

I was over to see our divisional concert party a few nights ago. They are getting better all the time and give an excellent performance. They are showing “Alladin and His Wonderful Lamp.” It is very witty and is well staged. I have seen many shows in Toronto and Montreal theatres not half as good.

Well I must close. With best wishes to all,

I remain,

As ever,


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