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Date: April 29th 1917
Inez Hill
Arnold Smith


April 29/17

Dear Inez,

I wrote to you a short time ago acknowledging receipt of parcel and two letters. As we are not very busy just now I intend bothering you with another epistle.

Today happens to be Sunday and is one of the brightest days that I have seen in this country. For a wonder there has been very little rain lately and the ground is quite dry. This morning there was a church service but as I had been on duty in Signal office most of night I did not have sufficient energy to clean up and attend. The band has been playing outside. Of course the selections were all old time ones but sounded good all the same.

The other day I ran across Lorne Bowyer, Leslie Knowles and Clarence Brandow. They all seem to be standing the strain pretty well. Morley was wounded in the recent fighting and is in Blighty by now, I expect. I did not see Gordon Hill. He is in same unit as the others but they were not sure what had happened to him. One fellow heard that he had been sent out of line with trench feet. I also heard that major Guy McDowell had been hit but as no one was sure I hope and believe that it is not true.

We may go up the line again soon and again it may be a long march instead. All kinds of rumours are being circulated and very likely none of them are true. I have reached the stage where I merely go on day after day doing my little bit. It is a queer existence but a fellow is lucky to exist at all in this game. For nearly nine months now I have been plodding along in the war zone. Let’s hope that it doesn’t continue for an equal period.

Well as I haven’t anything very cheerful or interesting to write about I shall call a halt. I am reading “The Talisman” for the second time. Reading matter being rather scarce at present. Hoping to be favoured with a letter as often as convenient

I remain

As ever

Arnold S

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