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Date: September 3rd 1944
Ma, Pa and Ruth

Sept, 3, 1944

A.R. Bergquist, V86536,

A/SHPT. 4/C,

H.M.C.S. Stadacona I,

c/o Fleet Mail Office,

Halifax, Nova Scotia.


Dear Ma, Pa and Ruth.

It was raining here last night but the weather is fine today again. I went downtown last night to a show. I hope you received the money order that I sent O.K. I guess the apples sure make swell apple pies now. I guess little fluffy[?] is getting pretty big now alright. How is Joe Keegan making out these days? I hope Art for his back pay[?] this time. I hope he gets his leave through O.K. There is a new picture here at Stadacona I tonight. I think I will go and see it. It should be pretty goods. Charlie McCarthy and Edger Bergen are in it and it is called “The Open Road.” We have to work until ten o’clock tomorrow night. I guess the summer is just about over here. How is Alfred Johnson making out these days? Is he still on the boats? I hope Ma, Pa and Ruth that you are all O.K. Well that is about all for today. I will write again tomorrow.

Love to All,


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