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Date: December 4th 1915

Witley Camp, England
Dec 4th 1915

From Pte. Henry Johnston
439364 “A” Co. 52nd Batt. CEF

Dear Mother Father & Willie:-

Just a line to let you know that we arrived here Friday Dec 3rd at about 8pm and am feeling fine at present hoping this will find you the same. The weather is quite wet here it is raining pitch forks now. They say it is much the same all the year around. Well there is no mistake about it England is sure a pretty place, not very much bush & beautiful green grass on the hillsides which are cut off into square plots all about the same size with a beautiful green hedge around each. I had a trip on an english train of course for the first time in my life, they have doors all along the sides of the coaches & little engines. We had two engines on our train that was just for half of the 52nd. So you may have an idea how small they are. They sure can sail just the same even if they are small. Well mother I suppose you think that you wont see me again well you will be mistaken if you do. There are chances yet you know what I mean of getting out I want to be able to do all that heavy marching with full kit on you know so cheer up and dont worry about me God is good you know. There was a transport sunk with all on board we passed in on the way back across the atlantic. That shows how close we were of being sunk. They say a German Submarine was looking for us. I dont know how true this tale is though. It may be all a lie for all I know about it. But we are in [?] for [?] best anyhow. So I don’t know much about the situation we aint quite settled yet. But all the same we will be in England for some time anyhow. Excuse the poor writing as I was in a hurry. Will write a better and longer letter next time. So Good bye for now
From your loving son

My address is Pte. H. Johnston
no. 439364 “a” Coy 52nd O.B. no 3 platoon
Witley Camp, England

Tell all the folks that I will write to them later and I will write to you too all the same. You needn’t let anybody see this letter outside of yourselves.
From Henry

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