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Date: June 9th 1917




My dearest Beryl.


Thanks so much for 3 letters from you, all of which, although dated about a week apart appeared here within a day of each other.

I’m so glad you had a good trip out to Brentwood with the Pews. Did you play tennis at all? We went out, as you know, once or twice and both times we quite enjoyed ourselves both at tennis and dinner.

I believe at last my leave has been definitely settled to begin on Saturday next, and I am looking forward it very much indeed now as I hope to see Val & Denis. We have been out here nearly 5 months & 5 months in the R.F.C is generally considered equal to double that time in the Infantry, because they go in the trenches for about a week & then out again for a few days, while on the otherhand we are at it all day and every day- except of course on wet days and Im afraid there were very few of the latter this time of the year.

I laughed & laughed at the William’s idea of my meeting Trooper Mitchell- of course as you say, there is a chance & I hope I shall have that pleasure, Ahem!

We are in a different [?] now & much further away from the last aerodrome so I dont think there is much chance now, of my seeing Gill- Aunt Annie, in a recent letter, told me that he was in hospital quite close to us, but didn’t discover it till the very morning he was leaving. I would have much liked to have seen him.

I believe there is a chance of my going [?] to England to fly very soon now and I shall then try & transfer to the Canadian branch of the service- wouldnt it be great to be stationed near Victoria. Best love & many kisses from your loving brother



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Original Scans

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