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Date: February 23rd 1917




My dearest Beryl.


It really is about time I wrote to you again, I suppose. as a matter of fact one fails to keep account nowadays of the letters one writes.


We have had no mail here for the last 3 days because no boats have crossed the channel lately- I expect it is another submarine scare.


Some of us went to a Tourmies concert last night- it wasnt bad on the whole, but as we were all feeling so tired we cant quite praise or condemn it. A chorus of Tourmies sang “The Soldiers Farewell” so nicely and it was very much appreciated.


I told you that I went to look Handley up at 27 Squadron, didnt I? I was so sorry I missed him for we could have had a very good time together. Now Hugh is the next one to find. It is so extremely hard to find one another for you are not allowed to mention anything as regards position etc. I believe the Canadians are at rest, not very far off so, one of these fine, or rather wet days I will go in search of them. Wet- I say- for on fine days we have to fly all the time but on really wet days one can do more or less as one likes. I have got a very brilliant money making scheme in hand- that is if we are to stay at this Aerodrome permanently. I am going to buy from farmers near-by, - 2 little pigs. They can live on the “leavings” of the mess & when about 3 months old I can sell them for almost their weight in gold- Rather a good scheme- business & war combined!!


Please thank Mother & Ruby for their letter and also for the interesting paper cuttings- which I love.


Best love

From your loving brother



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Original Scans

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