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Date: December 29th 1916




My dearest Beryl.


I have just got your letters dated Dec 4th and 8th


I was so very sorry to hear about George’s death, how splendid to have won the M. Cross.


I feel so sorry for you, it does seem splendid to me, the way you wrote in your letter that it was in God’s hands. It is indeed very hard luck on you I only wish I was at home to cheer you up.


I am going to do my very best to go to Bromley and see the Aireys, Gardiners, Moores and Clarks.


My motor-boke is doing splendidly and I can ride it as well as possible.


I am going to do my best and get a sidecar because Denis and I will then be able to go out together.


That of course will be [?] [?] [?]!!


There are going to be a lot of new things in England on New Year meatless days, standard bread etc.


The people in Canada are lucky to get lots of food but I am quite happy and enjoy life!


We shall be returning to Margarine and standard bread soon!


Denis got a letter today with a money order in it. I got one from Herbert but I don’t expect mine has arrived yet


Well Beryl

I really must end now and although it is easy for me to say “cheer up” you will understand what I mean. I am your ever loving brother



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Original Scans

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