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Date: February 4th

C/O Bank of Montreal

Pall Mall.


Feb 4th



My dearest Beryl


Have got 2 or 3 of your letters to answer so am making a start now- I’m still up in Scotland on this aerial Gunnery course and expect to be here for a week or so longer. Scotland is alright but I cant possibly stick the Scotch accent- Every time I hear it- & thats pretty often up here- I dislike it more! Mrs. Hector wouldnt like to hear that I know but it is the case nevertheless!


I was speaking to a Canadian here today who trained in Toronto with the R.F.C there: he said there was a Segt. Major there who fairly used to make them all jump about on parade when they were cadets- well this ferocious man turned out be my old 88th Company Segt Major. a fellow named Brewer!! I was very surprised at hearing about him again-


Some time ago I sent out a photo taken at Reading of myself & a fellow named Saunders in a punt on the River, well he went to 35 Squadron in France, my old squadron, a few days ago & two days afterwards was killed! Poor fellow, he didn’t last long out there. we were both in the same billet at Reading-


I havent heard any more news about my friend Mackinnon I do so hope he is a prisoner-of-war:


You asked me about the photo of yourself that you sent me by Val in Sept ’16- Well I never got it and if you have another spare copy I should much like to have it, as I havent got a proper one of you at all.


So glad to hear Jack is doing alright at the flying game- no doubt his good knowledge of mechanics has come in handy to him- It will be a great advantage to him in England when he comes over for the mechanics we are getting nowadays are far from good & the great majority know nothing whatever about engines etc & it always pays one to look over your own engine before going up into the air-


Quite a large number of the instructors here at Turnberry Aerial Gunnery School were at Hythe when I was there in 1916 and they of course remember me and are a source of great help to me in getting off lectures etc anytime I want to !!


I havent heard from any of the Pembertons for 3 or 4 months- they must be feeling Despards death very much now-


Well I must close now, remember me to Jack & tell him I’ll look out for him when he comes over either here or in France-


Much love

From your ever loving brother


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Original Scans

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