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Date: December 6th

C/O Bank of Montreal

Dec 6th


My dearest Beryl


I was really delighted to get your nice long letter this evening and I’m doing as you requested or rather suggested- sitting down right away & scrawling a letter.


I’m so glad you looked at my letter with a good broad view & now I quite agree with you for I do not know Jack Stewart- at least I cant know him for I’ve seem so comparatively little of him, but I now look forward to seeing and hearing much more of him. of course, now, no one is gladder at hearing you are engaged, for you of all people have been hit so very hard by this cruel struggle- I refer to the deaths in action of two of the finest & manliest of men, Myles Fawcett & George Airey- Jack no doubt will be over here shortly and I hope he will be successful in France: no doubt he will, for so much depends on the man himself when fighting the Hun in the air- its like the old days of knights when it was only the survival of the Fittest always: poor Despard’s death was bad luck more than anything else for the Huns were no better pilots or fighters than he was- he was so brave and stout-hearted. We’ve been in many fights together and if it hadnt been for his “sticking it” we’d never have got back. Really I’ve never felt anyone’s death so much-we were such pals all through.


Today has been quite the coldest day weve had this year and it puts me very much in mind of Victoria in the winter time. I flew for about 30 minutes in the middle of the day and it was comparatively warm then but I see by tonights orders that I’m detailed to fly a new machine at 730 tomorrow morning!! Sounds chilly but I expect I can manage it somehow.


We’ve had several exceedingly good games of Rugger recently & I’ve never enjoyed myself more over a game of football-Im a lot bigger and heavier now than I was 2 years ago and instead of getting hurt myself I unfortunately break other peoples ribs but this perhaps is better!!!


Val and I had a bit of a “bust” in town day before yesterday- he is a nice young fellow and so well mannered.


I had a letter from a chum of mine in 35 Squadron, France he says there are only 3 of the original members left who went out with the squadron last January- That’s pretty heavy! So glad you like and can manage a car now- there is no joy-riding allowed in England now & consequently one sees comparatively few cars about.


Now I must close sorry I kept you so long without a letter I’ll try and do better in future.


My very best love,

Always your very loving & devoted brother



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