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Date: October 10th 1916

Royal Flying Corps.



My dearest Beryl

Many thanks for your letter today containing the snaps which I assure you were jolly interesting and very welcome. By the way about these photos they weren’t very good so I only got 6, intending as I am now to get a dozen better ones later & let the whole family if they want them have one each! The only reason for my sending Lucy Little, one being that she has pestered me almost every letter for it so to keep her quiet I sent it to her. I hope you understand, and if so will explain to the Pembertons my reason for so doing. I personally have no use at all for Lucy Little but had to keep her quiet this being the only way.

So in a short time I hope to let you all have a nice one each!

So I suppose I ought to write a letter to the Woodward family. –I will do so this mail. Last Sunday evening I went over to Surbiton and Aunt Emy and I both went to church together. The church was extremely nice & “low”- we stayed on to Communion afterwards then we went home to her house and had supper- an excellent one! Aunt Emy is so very nice and I am glad I have had the chance to see this much of her. She gave me 3 nice handkerchiefs with my initials worked in on them for my birthday! Marian Pilts sent me a nice pair of socks which was very kind of her! I havent yet had a birthday letter from home but live in hopes. Next week end I hope to go down to Baths & see the boys- I havent seen them yet! we are all going to Hythe on Saturday to the Aerial Machine Gunnery having finished & learnt all about wireless! This isn’t very long a letter today

Best love to all

Your very loving brother


Original Scans

Original Scans

Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI Duke Lancelot RFC Canada WWI