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Date: December 8th 1918

84 Squadron

BEF. Belgium-

Dec 8th 1918-


My Dearest Beryl

I was delighted to see a letter from you today- we moved about a week ago and haven’t had any post since- moving is always a terrible business and I really think the part I hate most about it is the not getting any post at all until the A.P.O. finds out where one’s unit is Etc: however the mail has apparently started to come in again and I got this one letter by it – a fellow came in this Evening & said he saw several bags being sorted out in Charleroi and quite a number there were for 84 – so cheers!  we may see some more letters in the morning – I’ve had a tremendous lot to do in one way or another during the last week or so and haven’t written a single letter myself!  however we are beginning to settle down again now and things are running normally once more.  We are all billeted in the village of Thuilles on the main road from Beaumont to CHARLEROI – its quite a small place and I don’t suppose will be marked on the smaller maps. 

Charleroi is quite a fine large place and one can buy almost anything there – especially vegetables Etc for the mess which is the main thing – Tomorrow Im having a day off from [?] and two or three of us are going by car to BRUSSLES.  Its supposed to be A.1. there and I am looking forward to seeing it.

 I’ve snaffled a fine room in the chateau of this village & am very comfortable although I think I’d rather be in a cosy little hut out on the aerodrome – I am so used to cosy dugouts and places like that that a real house feels quite out of place-

I hear that we wont be going on into Germany till at least the spring and then we will be spending the winter in this village – rather disappointing I must say as I was quite looking forward to wintering in Cologne – our original destination.

I wonder if any of the family will be coming over to England early next year – wouldn’t it be perfectly splendid if you all were over here in the Spring say?  I see no hope of my getting my 3 months leave now that peace is declared or rather about to be so-

This is a very uninteresting letter but theres so little to say nowadays. 

I hope everyone is well at home – Im simply longing to see you all again

Much love & kisses

Ever your loving brother


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