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Date: September 9th 1916
Rev. Irwin
Walter Thomas "Tommy"

C/o Robus Bros.
Printers Etc.
High Street
Dunmow, Essex

Dear Mr. Irwin.

Many thanks for letter just received, glad to know you are going along fine.

That was a rather good account of the scouts by you, reminded me of B.P.s. book.

No I have not had a line from you for a long while, & was wondering what was wrong.

Glad to know the Bucks are all well, trust it wont be long till I see you all again, I have been away for over two years now & it would be awfully nice to pop over for a week or two.

Was thinking of trying for a three months leave, as some manage to get it, but I have not the influence to get it, although I think I have earn’t it as much as the most.

At present I am in the Epsom Convalescent Home here & will be for several months, had a special medical board last week & was marked unfit for further Active Service, but when I feel a bit stronger I shall try again for the front, as I like it better than these hospitals.

If I should manage to come across I shall bring my souvenirs including my big shells to Norwood, its no use trusting to the post as I have lost three small parcels of stuff now.

Do not know where Otterpool is, but have heard of it. What local boys are in it.

My old Battalion is done for at least all the old boys & I should hardly know it.

Enclosed is a small trench snap taken at Messines, showing myself in shirt sleeves, all the others in the picture are killed.

Now I am going to appeal to you for something, do you think you could get any of the folks around to send Canadian magazines to the boys here, lots of them come out of the hospitals here for quite a few weeks, & time hangs heavily on their hands, or if they could send a few cigarettes now & again.

I am in charge of a Division of Patients & I would send an account for anything that was received.

Lots of these boys are badly broken up & can do with a few comforts, & would be grateful for anything.

I do not ask for myself, just simply for the boys alone, some have friends here, but most have none.

Well I will say au revoir this time, hoping you are all well & with best wishes to all from sincerely yours

Walter T. Robus

My address here is

Sergt. Walter T. Robus. 8367
H. Division
Canadian Convalescent Camp
Woodcote Park.
Epsom. Surrey. England

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Original Scans

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