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Date: October 15th 1918
Aggie Dalziel

7 Moss St.


15th Oct. 1918.

My Dear John.

Your kind letter of 11? to hand. You seem to be making great progress – the next thing we will hear you are flying and perhaps drop & say “How do you do” at 7 Moss St.

Aunt Maggie is paying us a visit just now. She came yesterday & is staying till Thursday. She is looking very well. Father is at home & one of Aunt Maggie’s friends down there is going to look after him everyday. I am quite sure Father will be all right and it will be a change for both. We were all out at Corrie’s yesterday. They are all in the “pink” of course we had had Corrie & John & family spending the day before with us.

We are thinking of having the house heated with radiators so it will be another turn up, but John says they will not make a mess. That remains to be seen. All Trades now say that but we find it a little different when they start. The weather has picked up now and to day the sun is shining although the air is quite frosty. Hope you are liking your crew more & that you will see Joe sometime during his training. Nan is liking the Art School. One thing I am sure she is enjoying is buying new things. She painted Agnes Cormack’s portrait yesterday. It really is quite like her. Jean is busy at School. She has been bringing home a du[?] ticket[?] occasionally which is quite encouraging to her.

I saw there was no room on the front of your letters to re-address them & did not think of the back of the envelope but will do so next time & you can let me know if you get them all right. Is Orvil all right? I am sorry to hear about his brother being gassed. It is a good thing he has not been badly gassed still I suppose it takes some time to get it out of his system. Joe had his photo taken when he was home & etc proofs have just come in. I think they are very good. We are just ordering a few just now as we will probably want him taken again when he finishes his Cadet Course.

There is a great epidemic of Flue in Glasgow so we are refraining from visiting crowded places. Much as we would like to go to the Opera which is in Glasgow at present.

I hope you are keeping well & enjoying your studies. Remember me to your friend Norman. Jean often talks of the good time she had with you & him.

We all write in sending our fond love & Jean sends lots of kisses

Your Affectionate Aunt

Aggie Dalziel

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