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Date: February 28th 1917
Cousin Geo


Dear Cousin


Your letter of Dec/31/1916 was indeed a pleasant surprise to me. A long and interesting one and I shall do my best to answer it in kind although I am afraid I can say but little. What you would like to write about you dare not, and what you may, you don't want to. Do I make myself plain. I think you may get all the war news in the paper. I can't talk about what they don't put in the paper you know as I

don't know anything else myself except that which would be censored.

Leslie was right in his ideal and this war will be won by the nations that can hold out the longest and all doing real well. I have sometimes wondered if it would never end. It must end just as quickly as it began. France is sure a _ of a place. I was given a rest for two months and expect to go back in a few days.

Had only slight injuries. Blown up by a rum jar - the most despicable thing for you may dodge them if you're watching. I think several of us went to sleep that morning. Only two of us woke up again. It took me two days, and the other chap 1 day to come to our mind again to find ourselves on a stretcher going to Blighty (England) for a rest. I think your kiddies must have done real well for that entertainment. It was nearly a hundred tickets and that is a lot in a school district. Speaking of Blizzard I would give a quid to have a good storm in this country but all we get is rain etc. although I did go skating one day when it froze and nearly broke my neck doing it - only Spring Skates not Hockey Skates.

I go up for a Medical board tomorrow and expect it's

France again. I shall send you a photo in a few days, as soon as they are finished, am getting real fat 1471bs. against 119 last year !  

Well, as I have more letters to write, I must close with love and best wishes to all,

I remain,

Cousin Geo

C/O Bank of Montreal

Waterloo place London


P.S. Excuse all errors in spelling, composition etc. as I am a beastly letter writer.


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