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Date: November 28th 1918

No.5 Can. Gen. Hosp.
 Kirkdale, Liverpool

My dear Sister, -

My letters are few & far between, but my thoughts are nevertheless frequently enough over there with you all. I hope you are each quite well and have escaped this horrible flu which seems to have made itself felt everywhere. It will soon have spent its force now and the worst will be over.

Fortunately the great big fight is over and no more of the precious young lives of our country need be sacrificed for the folly of war lords. It is good that Nickle did not need to come over. His training though, would do him good. Does he fly? George was going into that, poor chap.

We are, some of us, looking forward to getting home soon now and I am expecting a call any day for transport duty which will take me across after which I hope to get home and am hoping to get there before Xmas. It would be fine to get there for then.

Two years ago I had Xmas in a tent in England. Last year in a front line dressing station under shell fire, & this year - where?

I am feeling pretty well now however, except that I do not like this horrid damp climate.

This summer I wrote off my F .R.C.S. exams over here at Edinburgh which means that I am a fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, considered to be the highest degree a surgeon can get by examination, so apart from having done my bit at the front & my duty to my country I have been able to benefit myself a little as well.

How is Helen enjoying her work? Maggie May I hope is quite better of her back trouble & DeWitt I suppose is quite a grown up chap by now.

I do not suppose I will know Margaret when I see her she will have grown so. I am so thankful that they have been in such good health all the time.

Are you well yourself? Do be careful during the cold wintry weather.

May this be to you all a happy & joyous Xmas with peace on earth and good will toward men.

With love


Your bro.


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