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Date: June 2nd 1917

Saturday afternoon


2 June 1917

Dear Auntie,


I hope you will forgive my negligence in not having written before especially in consideration of your many attentions to me in the form of letters, papers, parcels etc. Whenever I neglect writing to a member of the family, I refer them to letters that have been addressed to other members. In this case the excuse will have to be the same. I do find it easier to forget my correspondence during this glorious weather when one instinctively turns to outdoor recreation. As you probably know, I am the proud possessor of a wheel, an article which I have never before owned, In Canada it never occurred to me that an outlay of $7.40 would provide me with a bicycle. Perhaps they are cheaper here. This machine is even an occasional producer. This afternoon, while on duty as orderly, I am renting it to a friend. This means three or four shillings for repairs, which I find cannot be avoided.


Tomorrow I plan to spend on a long trip into the country to a thus-far unknown place. This will necessitate a survey of a map of the Aldershot District which lies here in the office. The best rides I have thus far discovered are those along the Hog's Back near Godalming and down here from Hindhead. Last night I had a lovely slide from Hindhead. The Hog's Back is fine but it is very hard to get up to it as the road runs along a very high ridge. I expect that next week we shall again take a route march - this time, I hope, in another direction. Route marches are preferable to ordinary bivouacs in that we do not have to dig or otherwise place the guns in concealment but are on the move except for eating & sleeping. If you meet any of my old C.S. friends please give them my kind regards. Tell mother that her gifts and yours all arrived before my birthday. All were greatly appreciated. Please consider this as a letter. As I am writing several letters home, I am loathe to repeat myself overmuch.


With love,



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