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Date: August 16th 1916


Aug. 16/16.

My dear Sister,

I received your letter of July 23 & was glad to get it. I had I written you a few days before & no doubt you will have it before this one. I addressed it to Helen.


I am real well and not in any particular need of anything. Socks always come in good. I am wearing woollen ones all summer & find them best as they are so absorbent. They should be about size 10 1 /2 - to fit a size 6 boot and are best of khaki color wool but black does next best. Don't bother with them much however as I can get them here when short but not as good as home knit.


Very glad Nickle was pleased with his Western prospects & hope he likes it there. Would like to hear from him.


Leslie went over to France on the lOth Aug. I happened to go up to Bramshott in time to see him before he left, (about a week before). Have asked for him to be transferred with me but

have no word whether it will be granted or not yet. He was well & happy & looking well.


We can hear the firing here and see & hear the Zeps once in awhile. They dropped bombs pretty close to us the other night.


I happen to have a badge of our unit & will enclose it as my birthday remembrance to Helen. You can have it fixed over as a broch.


Laura and Bebe are well. Very hot in Canada now isn't it? It is very nice here by the sea. Write me when you can. My previous letter gives my present address, but the same one you

used will reach me. I don't know of any papers I would like just now thank you.


With love,


Ever Millen. 

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