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Date: October 5th 1918
Reverend Irwin
Malcolm Sloan

Saturday Oct 5th


Rev Mr Irwin

Dear sir

I received your most welcome letter the other day I have seen William Staves the other day and was talking to him and he looks just as natural as ever only not quite as stout as he was he didn’t know me just when I spoke to him but he knowed I was from Norwood and I also have seen george bennet well if I had of known Karl was up at Bramshot I would of seen him there when I was in the Hospital there I was in there for four weeks with the mumps and I was out around some but didn’t see any one that I knowed

Well it is to bad about Arthur Parcels and the townsend boy falling I had word from home telling me about it before I received you letter. Well we are having kind of cold weather here I seem to mind it worse over here than in Canada Well Mr. Irwin I am trying to live a better life than I ever did and I am doing it to and the way I find it over here the better a person and the smoother things go and you run across some good fellows and some very rough ones and I always try and keep with the good ones I always try and go to church every morning and I have went down to the salvation army on Sunday nights and we certainly have some good cermons over there Well I get quite a lot of mail here at times some times they be about a month and a half before I get them

Well it won’t be long now till the Norwood fair now It is on the ninth this year and the crowd won’t hardly be as large this year as it was other years

Well I guess I will have to ring of for this time hoping this finds [use?] all well

From Malcolm D Sloan

write soon

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Original Scans