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Date: January 9th 1919
Reverend Mansell Irwin

Comp .Bde. C.R.A.
Bordon Camp
Hants Eng.

Jan. 9th 1919 

Dear Mr. Irwin:-

Your welcome letter was indeed a very pleasant surprise. I am glad Karl has arrived home safe. When I saw him at Witley he did look well and hearty. We had a fine re-union that day. Karl Henry Ronabeck, Ross Gardner and myself had a great time talking about home and good old times around the village.

I feel rather disappointed because I didn’t get to France. Many of the fellows I came over with have been there for three and four months. I was transferred into a heavy Battery at Witley and we went to Winchester for our training and were only there a short time when the Armistice was signed. We are all glad that the war is over and I am sure there are many happy homes now.

At present I am working in the office of the Brigade, writing returns. I expect to go to “C” Battery this week and there I will be writing returns for that unit. It is hard to tell when I will be home, but I am very willing to wait for my turn and let those who have seen service in France return first.

I spent my New Years Holidays in Belfast and while there I took sick. No it wasn’t the “Flu”, just simply too many good things to eat. I am afraid I made a glutton of myself. Now since I am back and eating the army meals I am fine again.

Give my very kindest regards to Mrs. Irwin and the boys. I trust you are all well and enjoying the good old Canadian winter! I read with interest the programme and address you enclosed. They are dandy.

Yours very sincerely

E.B. Laing

“C” Battery is in this camp and helps to make up the Bts.
My address will still be the same.

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