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Date: January 12th 1919
Reverend Mansell Irwin
Hartley Ivey

Bois de [Marrnal?],

France, Jan, 12, 1919.

 Dear Mr. Irwin,  

Your letter was gladly received a few days ago and I’m sure the “Parsonage” was a house of rejoicing the day Karl walked in unexpectedly. I suppose there are a good many homes being pleasantly surprised in the same way these days and I am anxiously looking forwards to the day I see Norwood again.

Your address of Thanksgiving on the day of Norwood’s celebration of the signing of the Armistice was just fine and I’m very glad you sent it to me. After I read it aloud to the chaps in my shack it was passed around to all the huts and everyone appreciated it. Norwood did well for the size of the place in showing its pleasure and gratitude.

I am living in hopes of being back in time for a skate this winter and as we have been instructed to have our mail directed to our Canadian Address now I think I have some reason for hoping. We are quite ready for our movement orders and we are pretty sure of being home sometime this year at least.

There is nothing of importance happening around here these days and the only excitement is a few mines going up. We catch a few Huns here once in awhile as they were hiding in dug-outs in the woods and it is amusing to see them when they find out the War is over.

Hoping this finds everyone well and happy at your house I will close with Best Wishes for 1919,



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Original Scans