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Date: April 3rd 1916

April 3, 1916, Edmonton
Mr. J. Drader,
Victoria, B.C.

 Dear Father,

 I will try and answer your last letter which I received a long time ago.  Was glad to hear that you was having such a good time.  I am sure it must be next to heaven to be at the wheel of a six cylinder on a good asphalt road.  I never drove a six cylinder but if I do say it my self there are very few can show me there heels with a ford.  I have sure used barrels & barrels of gasoline.  I am sending a newspaper picture of the officers of the 51st which left for the front last Saturday.

 Earl and I were down to see Eugene Friday night when they were confined to quarters just before leaving and I quite agree with you that he is a fine man and I am proud of him as a brother but I can’t imagine who Miss Martins is or how she got away down in California.  Does her father work in the land titles office in Edmonton?  If so I have heard of her before all though I did not know her name. 

 We are given to understand that we are to leave this month as we are under orders to be in readiness to leave on a short notice.  At present I am on what they call fire picket.  This is a line of duty which lasts for one (?) and once warned for it you can not leave barracks so all the excitement I will have for the next few days is writing letters.  You spoke in your last letter telling me about ancesters.  I have always wanted to know more about this as I have known no farther back than my own father.  Well I can’t think of any news so will close for now, from your loving Son,