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Date: February 14th 1916

Grunwald Hotel,
Calgary, Alta
Feb 14/16

 Dear Mother;-

 Arrived here O.K. yesterday morning.  Was rather surprised to find that were chosen for such noble work as instructors but accepted the job as a matter of course and duty.  See lots of work ahead, but none behind in preparing lectures etc. and then giving them.  By yesterdays mail I sent you a Valentine.  Was in a great hurry but now I wish to send you the best wishes of a loving son and wish you many happy returns of the day and that the anniversary of St. Valentines day and my Valentine’s birthday will not be clouded with war or rumors of war.

 It is fine and mild down here now.  I trust it will remain that way for awhile.  Did I tell you that I got my head cut the other night?  It is a fine color now over and around my right eye on the temple.  This hotel where we are stopping is the funniest place.  It is like the house of a thousand volts.  Every time you touch metal you get a shock.  It keeps you wide awake.  Don’t expect much news from here or rather be not disappointed if news is scarce as we will be very busy from now on.  Hours are from 8.30 a.m. til 5 p.m.  All our preparation is outside of that.  Have rung up no girls at all as if we did it would take time to go out with them.  Some of the mob got away here the other day and smashed up a few places where Germans harbor.  We missed it all.

 Love as ever to all at home,