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Date: April 8th 1916

Halifax, N.S.

 Dear Mother;-

 Just a line from here to let you know we have arrived safely so far after a pleasant and very uneventful passage across the continent.  Every time I sniff the salty air from off the harbor it makes me think of Victoria and you.  We will likely be here for 6 or 7 days out-fitting and equipping our men.  Then for the briny billows.  This is the toughest town I ever saw.  I stay in after dark.  The bad men and women here have effectually got my goat.  Was out last night with a picquet of 40 men and so was able to go anywhere with impunity. 

 Love as ever from your son,
Lieut. E. D.
51st Overseas Batt’n. C.E.F.
British Expeditionary Force
Army Post Office,
London, England