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Date: June 24th 1916

Sarcee Camp, Calgary
June 24th, 1916

 Dear Mother;-

 Just a few lines while I am still awake.  I hope there will be a church parade again tomorrow.  There was none the first Sunday we were here and I was on piquet the next and on guard last Sunday.

 Have just received a letter from Nellie enclosing one each from Will and Bert;  Also a postal note for one dollar that I asked her for.

 The more anxious time has come now when the boys are getting to the front.  One thing that seems hard is that the letters and cards we send them seem to take such a long time to reach them.  The latest I have heard stated that they had heard nothing from me. 

 The weather continues fine here.  They put me off on fatigue work this afternoon, but I have no reason to complain of that.  The guard and piquet have been warned for Monday, but I am not on it. 

 I spent $.35 of that dollar on postage and $.05 on apples already so have only $.60 left but pay day comes before the month is over.

 I don’t know whether I shall be able to get a few days pass at fair time in Edmonton or not, but hope to.  I wish I could get time off and afford the expense to go to Victoria, but under present circumstances it seems beyond my ability.  I shall also enclose Ethel’s letter of a week ago yesterday.  Hoping this finds you keeping well at home I remain,

 Your Loving Son,