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Date: June 2nd 1916

Edmonton, Alberta,
June 2nd 1916

 Dear Mother;-

 I have sent a post card and thought I could easily write a letter but sergeants and corporals looking for fellows with their kits packed are numerous.  They have taken me a couple of times and may do so again at any time to do some odd job toward some officer’s preparation to move.

 This is the fourth time we have had our kits packed ready to move.  A week ago yesterday was the third.  Each time the order was canceled.  More freight has left the barracks this time than before so I guess we are going this time.

 Ethel is staying at home with her sister and youngest brother and parents.  Her work there is to pay for board for herself and babes.  Her father is getting the benefit of the milk from our three cows.  I thought I had explained that he was taking charge of our cattle giving us the full increase until spring in consideration for the rent of our place.  I made that offer to him after I enlisted.  I thought I was making him a good offer but he would only undertake under two more conditions; Ethel to stay home and help milk, and the place to be manured.  All my dealings with him seem to be more lean at my end than at his.  However he’s “Up agin it” as he says, but I have no faith in him ever being any other way as long as he holds the reins of the establishment in his own hands, and he will hold them to his dying grasp because he has no one around him that he has any faith in.  He has no faith whatever in his sons’ managing abilities and gives them no chance to develop any ability as long as he can hold them under his sway.

 Well just here the bugle blew so I am back now from supper.  The freight is still leaving barracks and they say the first train leaves at midnight and the third, which is the last, at one o’clock.  So I guess we go to Sarcee at last.  Yours and Nora’s letters that I received here this morning were forwarded through pretty fast so the Victoria mark is May 30th, and this is only June 2nd. 

 Well there is such a racket that I can hardly keep on so shall close for the present.  Hoping that this finds you all in as good health as it leaves me I remain,

Your Loving Son,