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Date: December 7th 1918

No. 12 Can. Gen. Hosp.
Bramshott Camp, Hant
Dec. 7th 1918

 Dear Mother;-

 I am still in bed although I feel like being up.  I got up as big as life yesterday morning but the sister asked me who said I could get up and told me to get right back to bed again.  I guess the MO. Will give me leave to get up tomorrow or next day.

 I must try and tell how cheerful the parcel that came last night seemed.  We seem entirely unable to have any letters in hospital just now.  However the parcel came last night.  Anything sweet is hardly enjoyable to most men while in bed but I passed the sweet cakes around to those in the ward who were up.  Of course to keep the parcel is out of the question but I intend to keep the piece of Xmas cake till Christmas.  The popped corn was a treat rather out of the ordinary as were the pears but I have a couple of them and several of the fried cakes left.

 Bert walked in on me Tuesday night and came again Wednesday.  He was on leave from France and was going to the north of Scotland so I suppose he is just about there now.  He quite likely won’t have time to see me on his way back.

 Believe me it is monotonous in this hospital just now. Certain things I have heard make me quite sure there are piles of letters in the hosp. post office but they don’t exert themselves to sort and deliver them.  They seem to sort and deliver the parcels as soon as they come leaving the letters for more leisure.  I came in here on Nov. 26th and the parcel I got last night is the only mail I have got through the hospital post office but Bert brought me a letter and parcel from the Highlands Methodist church, which (the parcel & letter) he got at The Ryelands and he got a letter from Will for me at the Reserve.  This makes all the mail I have had for well over two weeks.

 The sun is shining beautifully now, a nice warm and lovely day but I can’t get out of the sunlight so it is bothering me writing this.

 Well I must write to Will and to my family so shall close for now.  With Best Wishes of the season,

Your Loving Son,