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Date: August 4th 1916

Sarcee Camp, 138 Batt. A Company
Aug 4th 1916

 Dear Mother;-

 Received yours of July 29th and yours and Nora’s of Aug. 1st this afternoon.  I may say that I am getting over feeling lonesome at mail time as I am getting used to it.  The mail is handed out twice a day.

 I left on pass a week ago last night and my pass was until midnight last Tuesday but that was only because the date escaped the notice of the C.O. because I was marked in the accounts due back here midnight July 31st.  I came back Tuesday afternoon, but was excused for being late.

 I left Calgary on a special train for those on pass at 7 P.M. a week ago yesterday.  I got off all alone at Strathcona about 2 A.M. and found the roads very slippery from rain the day before but made the 14 miles by 7 A.M.  We drove in Saturday and went to Lacombe Monday.  There we were disappointed.  I had tried on Sunday night to let Ernest know by telephone that we were coming, and failing to get an answer to the phone call had telephoned Proudfoot’s and asked Mrs. Proudfoot to let Ernest know.  That proved very unsatisfactory.  We had quite a wait in Lacombe and in the meantime Ernest was away out to his mill so that I did not see him at all.

 Ethel rather disappointed me by wanting to come to Calgary at the mention of the pass being the final one.  She seems to want to stave off the final parting as long as she can.  It is going to take a lot of money to keep her here as Calgary is an expensive place to live just now.  I expect she and Ernest will come down tomorrow or Sunday.  There are just two trains a day now, one leaving Edmonton at Midnight and arriving at Calgary about 7.30 A.M. and the other leaving about 8.44 A.M. and arriving about 4.30 P.M.  I should say two trains each way because one leaves Calgary at the same time that one leaves Edmonton.

 I can’t seem to think of anything more to write just now, and must be ready to get off as soon as possible after parade tomorrow.  I was late in putting in for a weekend pass but hope it goes through anyway.  If it does I shall be free to be out of camp from 4.30 P.M. tomorrow until Sunday midnight.  I have a form filled out for a midnight pass for tomorrow in case the weekend pass is not granted.  Although all those on pass now are due to return tonight it is likely that they will not all be back for several days more.  The colonel seems to be dealing very leniently with those who overstay their passes. 

 Must close for now and get this mailed.  I remain,

 Your Loving Son,