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Date: April 15th 1916
Mrs. R. E. Woods
T. Sugh Pugh


Mrs R E Woods Sec Treas


I have recived the parcle which the Ladies of the Institute was so kind to send out to me, the same been very much apprecited. They are very useful articles in the trenches, were I recived them on the 13th April and feel very thankful for the same.

Well I am very pleased to say that we are getting better weather just now, it is getting dry under foot also we are getting sunhine over head which is quite a treat after what we went through last winter.

It was nothing but mud and water in [?] trenches we had to were high hip rubbers, [?] in some places the water used to come over the tops of the boots.

I used to think that there was plenty of mud & water around Stony but I hav'nt seen any over there after bein over here for a winter. I find that it pay's to be tall out of the trenches, but it is a big disvantage when in the same because one has to bend down so much unless on wants the hun to score a bulls eye, that is not the case with this one I go by the trench motto that is ('Keep your head down if you want to see your home again). I do not know when this war will be over but the sooner the better for me so as to get back to Gods land again. The moore I travell around this World the better Canada looks to me. Well this is about the limit of my letter out hear. Again thanking you one and all for the presant which you sent us.

I remain one
of the Boy's
T Sugh Pugh

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