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Date: August 10th 1915
The Women's Conservative Club
Gertrude van Koughnet

The Women's Conservative Club
190½ Simcoe Street, Toronto.
Aug. 10, 1915.

Dear Madam:-

I am writing to ask if you will lay this letter before the members of your Association, or friends, and draw their attention to the Patriotic Work which has been carried on successfully by the Women's Conservative Club, since the outbreak of the War, when the Club was the first organised body of women here, to take up the work of COMFORTS FOR OUR OWN SOLDIERS IN THE FIELD. Thousands of Comforts have been sent to the Front, over forty thousand pairs of socks alone, have been forwarded to the Firing Line, and during the cold winter weather many thousands of Comforts were distributed where most needed.

Much also has been accomplished for Hospital requirements, Bed Supply, etc but for the present we feel that Red Cross work is being done in such a widespread manner that SOLDIERS COMFORTS ON THE FIELD may be overlooked and not receive as much attention as they should.

The War is still upon us, the feet of our men in and out of the Trenches must be comfortable, experience has taught us that between the Government issues frequent changes are necessary; SOCKS, SOCKS, and more SOCKS are required!! - Many of you have near and dear ones fighting in defence of the Empire, WILL YOU HELP THEM? - We know that many women in Canada have more than given their fair share already, but the autumn and cold weather will soon be upon us when all woollen comforts such as shirts, caps, socks etc will be needed.

We ask you very earnestly to consider this appeal for SOCKS NOW, or money with which to buy them.

Our cases go by Government Transport, and should you desire to send a case, bale, or package, for any special Regiment or individual, and make known your wish to us, your request will be very willingly complied with.

Should you decide to send with our shipments please mark all parcels very clearly "Field Comforts" and address to Mrs. Arthur VanKoughnet, 238 College Street, Toronto, Ontario. On receiving them, a letter or card of acknowledgment will be mailed by the Treasurer of the Club. Acknowledgment of all contributions of parcels, or money, will also be made through the Mail and Empire.

Trusting that it may be possible for you to make a generous response to this appeal.

Yours faithfully,
Gertrude Van Koughnet

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