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Date: November 15th 1944

1st CDN.FD.PK.


My dear wife

I am writing again to you not knowing if my letter will reach you. I regularly send you 2 or 3 letters a week, I don't understand that you don't receive them, and it is the same for me I have received 2 letters from you in three months, yesterday, I received you airmail letter and I also received the pictures, you must have received my letter telling you also that I received my first cigarettes and your parcel, and I am expecting the other cigarettes in the next few days I don't know if I will be mistaken. As for my health I am well for the time being. Now send me the information I will ask you and have your letter registered did you send cigarettes other than Grads, I received them about a month ago, tell me if you have placed other orders, I ask you this so that I can look after that as soon as I receive your letter and the date at which you sent the Christmas parcel, I may receive them between now and when I receive your answer. Use the occasion to give me news about you and about the whole family and also regarding your allowance and that of Yvon. Also, if it is not too late, ask Zénon to look after the allowance when he goes to Quebec city, he could look after it as he has an easy way with words and the reason is that I am not there to look after it. Give me some news about your family also and also of your mother. I received a letter from Lucienne last week and I answered it yesterday. I took a half day to complete the Holiday correspondence, I hope that they will all receive my letters. Regarding the cigarettes, send the order regularly each month, and then when I start receiving them it will also be on a regular basis and always Grads. In your answer tell me when you received this letter, tell me the date. Tell me also about the weather, here, we had our first frost this morning, not a very hard one, just a bit of ground frost.
I had other things I wanted to talk about and I have forgotten them. Try as I may to remember, it just does not come back to my mind. Do not worry about me because with prayers, I will return home normal.

From your husband who hugs you all and who thinks very often of his family.


I hope that the letters will get here better as it is the right one.
Note this address:

E41572 SPR Lapointe P
R.C.E. C.A.O.S.

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