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Date: August 25th 1942

Dear Dad-

Receive your letter of Aug 17th this morning. I finished paying for that bond at the end of April and bought it at No. 4 I.T.S. Edmonton, so I should have at least heard from the department saying that it was paid for and asking me what I wanted done with it. I am going to open my bank account up here in London at the Canadian branch of Bank of Montreal so that I can have it transferred home at any time. There should be a receit of some sort at home there with my assurance papers on my first bond.

Cecil is short and bowed legged just like you and also works too hard he has a suit that is 15 yrs old and he very seldom wears it either. He sure is kept busy these days in the cycle shop. Making his own bikes too.

We were in the bath (swimming pool) this morning doing dingie drill and it sure is fun trying to get into a dingie with flying suit and boots on too. But it is something one must know how to do. My but they sure are giving those Nazis hell over there these days.

Well I'm running out of space so,


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