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Date: May 8th 1915
New Liskeard Speaker
Enos Grant

Letter from Enos Grant

The following is a letter just received from Enos Grant, son of Mr. Oscar Grant, evidently after the battle at Langemark. Enos is member of the 4th Battalion, and a plucky young fellow. His friends had been anxiously looking for word knowing his Company had been in the thick of it.

On the Firing Line,
France, May 8, 1915.

Dear Ones at Home:
I received your letter a few days ago and was very glad to hear from you as I haven't heard for a long time. But I guess it was the fault of the mail for it has been mixed up the last few weeks.
Well we got in a scrap with the Germans at last, on the 23rd of April. You will know about it, you will have seen about it in the papers. They got a lot of us Canadians, but I think they got it as hard as we did, if not harder. But we didn't have any chance for we had to advance about half a mile over open country. But we got a few of them. But just wait until we get a chance at them again, then we will be ready to go to Dear Old Canada. We are having a rest now but think we will be in the thick of it again soon. When we were advancing to the German trenches, after the French had retreated, bullets were flying all around me. Many of our men fell all around me, but it seems I wasn't made to stop German bullets; but it is hard to say, as I may get it the next time. But I am not afraid of them. The only thing I regret is that I couldn't get a chance to bayonet some of them, but hope to get chance next time, then maybe we will get some of our own back again.
I have heard that the Second Contingent will soon be over here. The General told us to-day that if the Second Con. Is half as good as the First, they will be all right, so that is something for us.
I will write to you again next week.