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Date: August 26th 1917
Mrs. Polson
M.C. Tyler

Sunday Aug 26 1917
Dear Mother:-

I am writing this at Mrs Tyler's. I have had a splendid time. My leave started.

Tuesday 28th

Dear Mrs Polson

I hope you are all well. I am as you will see finishing the letter that Archie started

writing to you Sunday (?) he asked me to write for him as a frien(?) of ours called to take him(?) for a drive he was with us (?) A (?) came for him yesterday to report today at Rauespate & I hope in a few days he will be on his way home to Canada & I pray he (?) leave a safe journey home to you all, he looked much

better for his few days here Mildred & Do(?) 2 of my sisters came for a few days to see him & Nellie the other sister was meeting min at Paddington station last night so he will be able to (?) my (?) about us all he left here at (?) 15 yesterday it is a mercy he was not killed in France, his right arm is quite off, but he is very brave & can do most things for himself & I am sure will soon get quite strong when he is home (?) you all, it was a pleasure to us to leave him & we should (?) like to have (?) him longer. This war is awful & (?) we leave many wounded about here Archie will tell you all news about us all & I am sure my dear brother will like to hear about us

the last day he was here, how greatful he was to us & to my brother who gave him our address. I only wish I had been (?) for (?) to speak to him (?) lies (?) hours but perhaps it was best that I did not see him till he was at rest & free now pain he has been a brave boy & you may all be proud of him if only I (?) lies (?) was so near, he should

have had his photo taken when he was here his right arm was quite off but it was wonderful (?) how he did so well with his left arm & he was at times very (?) but (?) he said was only the last are (?) & that I fear was that awful (?) coming, you will see by the enclosed another case of someone we know of (?) awful war is dreadful, if only we

could have peace once again & do hope you & Mr Polson will come over & see us someday & I am hoping my dear brother will come, Archie was going to (?) him all about us if only he had been spared to come home to you. They said at the hospital all the (?) he had would be sent to you he only had photos (?) 3 of himself & 2 he (?) he had taken just before he left for France, but they are not good of him, he was very happy with us & said he was glad he came over he (?) to see some (?) boys at Folkeston the 3 first days of his leave before he came here & he told me he saw (?) he had about £3 (?) when he went from here & said he was expecting

loss of his 2 dear sons last year. We hope to come & see you all someday.
(?) regards
Yours (?)
M.C. Tyler

My dear Mrs Polson

I do hope yo are keeping as well as one can expect dear Archies death was such a shock to me that after I got home from Rausgate for a few days I was qite done up, a full military funeral

As you will see when the photos arrive is very touching & sad but a grand end for you dear one. & I am sure you will feel it a great comfort to know he was laid in a decent grave so many (?) die on the battle field are never (?) the end of their dear ones & I am sure Archie was a good living boy & quite prepared for death

(?) me 3 photos of the funeral & said she had also sent you some which I hope will arrive safely let me know if you would like any more & I will write & try to get some I am sure it will be a comfort for you to (?) & to have an idea where the dear boy is at rest the Cemetery is on a hill avery pretty spot you will see some of the little crosses on one photo that mark the graves of Canadians who have died for their Country, the middle (?) wreathe o(?) the coffin is the one placed on with my own hands from my husband & self & the others wher lovely from the officers matron nurses & men all said Canadians, the poor boy

Cap(?) Gordon who is a (?) of the Rev(?) (?) Gordon of Winnipeg told me he thought he knew your family as he use to be at Gimli for a time (?) (?) very (?) to me at the hospital & I was glad that I was able to go & see the last of the dear boy he called me mother & said I was like a 2nd mother to him. My brother & all (?) will feel for you all (?) your sorrow, after (?)

We (?) Archie is grand the way he writes so well with his left arm. The weather has been awful here rain day after day it is very serious for the crops & things are all so dear. When this awful war is over we hope will (?) to come over & often get a card from Pete Olson he has not been to see us yet.

More to be sent from home, he told me they gave him £10 when he started on his 10 days leave & a free return pass here, his watch was lost when he was wounded in France, he was only at Princess P. Hospital a day before he started on leave he was passed on (?) (?) Clea(?) House hospital so they told me they really knew very little about him

Lieut Tyler came today he has 10 days leave from France. Please give my love to my brother & family & say I will reite soon, (?) Archie will tell you I have not much spare time for letters I have not had a maid for 2 years & we get many visitors in the summer. Our kind regards to you all & hoping soon to hear that Archie is safely home

Yours sincerely

M.C. Tyler