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Date: March 11th 1917

Be good to mother and Dad and do your work with a will.
Somewhere in the trenches France

Mar. 11th 1917

Dear Wyatt: - I received your very welcome letter last night and was very pleased to get it. It sure was a nice long newsy letter. It was very interesting to hear about the dog race and those newspaper clippings were interesting. I would like to hear more about the dog race. I would like to know who won it. I got a letter from Bonnie last night and she said that it was not an Icelander who won it. Doddi Thordarson must have been silly to think that he had any chance of winning. I guess he got his name put in the paper and that might have given him some satisfaction. Has he got good dogs? Did he use his own dogs in the race? I have been in good health since I came into the trenches. I received a letter from Frank the other night. He is still in England and is in good health. He sees Mundi quite often. I have not heard from Mundi for a long time. I received a letter from Josie last night. She tells me that you folks back in Manitoba have been having a lot of snow. The weather out here is getting fairly warm now and I expect it will be getting warmer every day, which, of course, stands to reason. I am writing this in a trench and I can hear the shells bursting around me. They are not coming very close, for, if that were the case, I would mighty soon go down into our dugout. But I expect there will be a time when I will have to stay outside and face the music. Well little brother, a fellow does not feel like writing very much news out here. Then there is some things which you might find interesting to read which I am not allowed to write about. I have seen some aeroplane fights since I came here. One day I saw one of our aeroplanes bring down a German aeroplane. It was quite an interesting sight to see. If you would send me some chocolate and a couple of packages of Players Cigarettes I might feel more inclined to write It might put me in a writing mood. Nut bars and plain chocolate taste pretty good oout here. I can understand that you have plenty of work to do when you have to haul water for the house and also for the cow besides all the other chores. I remember the time when I found it hard work. But then, I went through the same work when I was your age (if I remember right) and I expect that you should be able to stand it, (seeing that you are a chip of the same block). I hope you will write me another long letter like the last one and tell me the news from the old town.

Mundi's address is: -

721913 Pte. A. Einarson
No. 2 Company
14th Canadian Reserve Bn
Dibgate Camp
Shorncliffe England

I will now close this scrawl. Kiss Mother and Dand and Konie and all the sisters for me. Give my regards to all the friends with love and good wishes from your big brother

7221948 Pte. A.J. Polson
5th Canadian M.G. Company