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Date: March 28th 1917

March 28th, 1917

Dear George

I received your letter sometime ago and I received one from mother last night and was pleased that you are both well. It was dated Mar. 10th. I have not received that box that was sent away Mar. 1st but I suppose it will be along some of these days. I am still feeling well. We are out of the trenches for a few days and I will write to mother before I go back. The weather is rather wet and cold. March seems to be going out like a lion this year all right. I would not send any papers out here because I don't get many and those I do get are so old that I have seen all the news. The weather will be getting warmer so we won't need those oxo's so much so don't send anything we can't eat. I seen Art Smith a few days ago. He is Mrs. Trenear's brother. I was glad to hear that you were having a good time skating all winter and I suppose this time
you will be digging up the garden and have it all planted soon. I suppose you will be getting your Easter Holidays but I don't know when it is this year. We very often don't know which day of the week it is. I often look at the French boys and think how much better a home you have than most of them but they seem to be quite happy. Well George I think this is all at present. Hoping you and mother are well.

From your loving father