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Date: July 4th 1918

Scarlett Road
July 4 1918

Dear Bert,

Received your very welcome letter on Tuesday. You are improving and if you keep on you will soon write as many pages as I do, what do you think? Write as often as you can, anyway, no matter how long, or short, the letters are because I always love to hear and am glad you are getting along so well. Am sorry your mail has been delayed. It's the same here. Some weeks there is no mail and some weeks there are two mails come in. I can scarcely write out this pen. I came away from Richview in such a hurry that I left all my good pens there I haven't been up since I left but am going up next week to start gardening and farming. I intend to go up, "real early" in the morning and come home some nights on my wheel. Of course I wont need to go every day. Pearl started work today, she is helping Dad again this year. She says she was haying today but not very extensively I guess.

Whats the matter old chap, you sounded rather lonely in your last letter. I wish I could drop in and see you right now. I wonder if you would know me? I really and truly think the war will be over this fall, anyway the prospects are much brighter than a year ago. Dont you think so?

I shall certainly have to send you some more literature for if you go on memorizing my letters like this I cant say what will happen. However I feel quite flattered for really some of them are hardly worth reading over once in my estimation. I sent some more magazines this week and will send them oftener now I'm free. I have lots of magazine such as the "Ladies Home Journal," etc. What would you think if I sent you some of those across. Do you like the "Saturday Evening Post" and if you have any special one, why tell me & I'll send it whether I have it on hand or not. Do you understand?

I was for a delicious ride on my bicycle tonight over to town & back and then down towards the golf. Of course Pearlie accompanied me and we did some speeding sometimes. Weston is very quite though, Saturday night is the only night its alive. I saw your folks, they were just going out in the car, over to the Fifth somewhere I think. We were down at Evas last night and didn't get home until eleven o'clock. Pearl was over at [?] the night before with her S.S class. I want to go over there some night too and across the Lake. I don't think we are going now until next week.

Harriett was a little better tonight. Her heart seems to be getting stronger but she is thinner if anything. I go down there two or three times a week, so I'm pretty busy you see. I wish I lived nearer so I could go oftener, as she seems to look forward to me going. Her mother said she was asking today when I was going. I'd give anything if she were only better.

Was sorry to hear about Clarence Booke. Ed. M. had written home and told them at home too but Bookes didn't know anything about it until after. I'll tell Mr. [?] that "old Dan" reached Blighty when I see him again although I dont know when that will be. He didnt tell me anything about "Over there", he didnt seemed inclined to talk about it & I didnt ask many questions. However he certainly can talk, cant he?

I didn't know Ed. Macklin was engaged, I suppose he could tell you a lot of later Weston news. Wait until Mutt gets over there and he'll give you the latest. He hasnt signed up yet, but he still manages to get his name in the "Times". Harry Irvine isnt in the army yet, maybe he has been turned down again. He is still the same "Spider" although we dont see very much of him now as I think he has stopped going to Lambton.

Say its getting real late so will have to stop soon. The Day-Light Saving fools us, we dont go to bed any earlier but have to get up an hour earlier in the morning. We are having great weather and everything around looks grand. You should see the war gardens, they sure are flourishing. I think there will be enough potatoes this year alright. It ought to be a big help in production though. As soon as I can get to Town Ill send another box but I may not have any socks ready for it, as I haven't done any knitting lately.

Did you hear about the "daring robberies" which have taken place lately in the Town of Weston, and how the [?] suffered. It's really getting to be an awful place to live. I really had a lot more to tell you but I'll have to postpone it for tonight. This is an awful scribble, dont bother reading it over more than once, it isnt worth it really. However I'm not a school teacher now & wont be until next Sept. Good luck.

With love from your little Girl.

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