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Date: January 26th 1917

Jan 26th, 1917

Dear Lettie

I have been looking for a letter from you every day but have not got one. I received the box you sent all right and everything was fine. You must think I have lots of company to send so much insect powder but there are lots of us so we can use it all right. I am not bothered so much as some of the boys. I am wearing those shirts and I think they are all right. Was that the box of chocolates that Alley gave you? It was swell. The last letter I got you wrote on the 27th of Dec. saying that George had got that box and you never said you were sending that box so I did not know it was coming and I have not heard if you got that registered letter or not and I suppose you have got that registered parcel with that centre piece in it. How did you like it? I won't send you anything this month as I did not draw my pay. I had enough to keep me going. You need not draw any unless you like and you get all the more at the end. It is pretty cold here just now and there is a few inches of snow. It is pretty cold when you are out standing all night. The feet is the worst but there is one thing we have, no mud and I would sooner have the cold. We are in the grenade section, that is bombs we use. We wear green bands around our arms. I had a letter from Belle and her husband a few days ago. They were well. I may say those candles came in handy. We were just out and couldn't get any more. Most of my spending money goes for candles. I cannot tell you anything about the war but I suppose you'll see by the paper what the Canadians are doing.

I suppose you'll have Goodwin paid by this time so you can save up to pay the other when it comes due. How are you getting along with the coal or coke? I hope you're keeping warm. How is the wood? Have you burned it all up for I can't tell you when I'll be home to get some more. Have you ever seen Adams? I wrote to Jim but he never wrote back. I have not heard from Alex for a time but I suppose he will be out of the hospital by this time. How is the Bloor Street bridge getting along? It got to be about finished by this time. You can tell George we have fine cats up in the front trenches and they are regular pets and there is a nice black dog with it. Has George got a cat now? When I get home we will dig a hole in the back yard and live there in the cold weather and then we can live cheap. I forgot what it feels like to sleep with my clothes off. There is times I never have my boots off for a week at a time but I don't care. If I only get back we will have some funny things to tell. How did you like those photos of us which I sent you? I hope you got them all right.

You better say in your letters when you sent the last one for I either haven't got your last one or you didn't write. For if only you knew how we look for letters you would write oftener. I will close for this time. Hoping you are all well as it leaves me fine with lots of love from