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Date: January 12th 1917

January 12th

Dear Lettie

I received your letter of Dec. 27 last night saying you had received the box with the badges but you never said you had received that registered letter with the money in which I sent away together and tonight I received two bundles of telegrams which you sent. We are in billets here yet so I thought I would write you before going into the trenches. I had a box the other day from A. Walker. There was a roasted rabbit, a swell cherry cake, short bread, plum pudding and about half a pound of butter, cheese also. So that makes nine boxes in a month. So I think I have done pretty well. I am enclosing two photos which we got taken last Sunday. There is the four of us with McDonald between Ross and Grant. He was a policeman in Toronto, was a piper in the 134th and now a piper in the 15th and McLeod is a cousin to Ross. McDonald says he is getting it put in the Sunday World, so look out for it. And about your money, you can do what you think best for if ever I get home at all I will be very lucky for you wonder that anyone could live at all. Sometimes I can put up with all hardships all right for I haven't had a cold since coming here. I had some milk to drink this week. The first I have had since I left England. I will write to George when in the trenches if I get a chance. You did not say anything about the crucifix that was in George's box. Was it there for I found it in a dugout that the Germans made. It is a little cold here just now. Had some snow yesterday. Our football team were playing this afternoon but got beat. Well I will close now. Write whenever you can for I like to get letters and hope I will be spared to come back. With lots of love

From Dave