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Date: March 15th 1917
Mother - (Albertina Anderson)
Henry Anderson

Mar. 15th/17

Dear Ma,

Just a line letting you know that every thing is fine and dandy with me and I hope this finds you all at home the same.

Had a letter from Lilly about a week ago, and quite a long one too, she was in Revelstoke at the time going to take in the ski jump, and she was telling me of all the dances at Bowie and Scandinavian hall so I guess she is having the time of her life.

Am writing this in my dug out in the front line, it is not so bad here only it has been raining these last few nights so it is very muddy, but we hope to be relieved soon, but this winter has not been as bad as the last one, and I sure hope it is over soon. I thought the U.S. was coming in and join the Allies it looked very much like it a few weeks ago, but I haven’t heard anything lately.

Well I haven’t had my leave to England yet, and now I hear that leave is closed so nobody seems to know when it will open up again. I was going to sign over to you, about half of my pay when in Eng but seeing I can’t get leave for awhile I will try to do it over here when I get out of the trenches.

Say Ma if you’ve got any cake or cookies around I would like to taste some, as we don’t get anything like that out here. I believe I’ve forgotten what pie tastes like and now there is a scarcity of potatoes out here, just wish I was on the farm again and have a real good feed for a change.

Will close for this time, hoping to here from you soon.

As Ever Your Loving Son,

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