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Date: July 9th 1918

44 Pembroke Sq
Kensington W.8.

Dear Canada

I am answering your most chatty letter by return post and I hope this will please and satisfy your Highness and in some small measure make honourable amends for my late tardiness in the same direction - I believe I have yet another of your letters unanswered have I not? I'm in bed with flu at the moment and so is Rita. The maid rang up for the doctor this morning - Dr. Montagu Farr. When he arrived he was about 30 - very beautiful and so shy! Rita & I were in the same bed and before he'd been in the room 1/4 of an hour Rita threw and "old Bill" at him and hit him in the back! He's given me a certificate so I'm not going back till Friday and then I shall send in my resignation as I believe there's going to be a strike about the [?] and I should be in the - of a f[?]! We are going to Shipla[?] on the 19th. Would it be ripping[?] only for a month worst luck then we're coming back to town but I'm not going to take up any more beastly work. No body knows how I loathe it! This is sub rosa and for your perusal only! I suppose it is a beastly unpatriotic thing to say!

Hugie[?] is still all alive and kicking bless him. He crashed in an aeroplane the other day and [?] said it would be "a damn clever man who got him to fly again!" Did you ever hear such a coward? I'm so glad Arthurs fit - give him my love. May I write to you when I come back so soon? Till then au-revoir.

Yours ever