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Date: April 21st 1916

My Darling Wife

We have just been inspected by HRH the Duke of Connaught, & marched through Ottawa. HRH shook hands with us all & asked me what regiment I was with in South Africa, & said he hoped I would come as safely through this one. I am wondering if you will get this letter before you leave. Probably not, I imagine. But anyhow I suppose it will be forwarded to you & perhaps make you feel less lonesome some day when you are not getting a letter. (On second thoughts, I will address it c/o [?] which should be safe.) We are just coming in to Montreal, where I can post this. We do not stop there except to change engines. It is reported that we go straight on board & sail from Halifax on Sunday. Rumour even names the boat -the Finland. I thought that was one of the boats you were considering. I do hope I shall hear from you before I sail. I shall be awfully anxious about you & we shall feel so safe with our escort of ships of war - ships, which will be around us even if we cannot see them all the time. Isn't that good news about the Russians at both ends - landing in France in the West & taking [?] in the East. I had half an idea their advance in Turkey had been stopped, but evidently it is not. We are having good weather all through - a little cold [?] but fine. It seem weeks since we left Vancouver, but the journey is not tedious - we have too good a crowd. We play much bridge & I am reaching the 1st 100,000 (Blair has a copy) I am awful glad, Dear Heart, that you gave me that lovely prayer book. All the others have them, & men don't seem as shy about them in these days as they used to. Goodbye now, my own precious. I think of you my love, & kiss you as I go to my bunk at night. Do you feel it? I know you must.

Ever your own