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Date: November 19th 1918

Nov. 19. 18

Dearest Pal:

I have seen Pug again today and he is looking pretty well but not improving as quickly as I would like. He says the healing process is bothering him a great deal. I suppose it would because even a small wound becomes uneasy and itchy and if you can't get at it at all it must be pretty uncomfortable. He hasn't been out at all yet but the doctor thinks he may go out in a chair on the first bright day. Such days are rather few and far between in London - the nights just now are much more glorious. Yes it does seem strange that we can adore the moon again instead of viewing its approach with alarm. Things are so different now without the constant load of anxiety on one's mind - I feel years and years younger! And even yet can hardly believe that it is all true. All my love and kisses dear heart to cheer you on your way to Germany.

Your little pal Alice Leighton