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Date: November 15th 1918

Dearest Pal

I have just finished your Peace letter of the 11th. Like you I can hardly believe it is true though we are all beginning to settle down to the idea. It seems too marvellous that it is all over at last and that I shall have my darling at home with me again. The helmet came all safe and is such a beauty - the men were all so interested in it and I have promised to photograph most of them with it on.

I have just come home from the Coliseum. I took five of the men and when we got out in the street to come home there was such a jam I didn't know how I should even navigate them along. Buses were out of the question and so we decided to try the tube and by going around back ways to avoid the throng we came out at Charring Cross. It looked so jammed I was almost in despair when I saw a taxi unloading just beside me. I rushed up and told the taxi man I had five blind soldiers and must get home. In a [?] he was quite agreeable in spite of a demand from the other side that he should go to Victoria. We all filed in and drove home in comfort and I was so pleased and relieved that I gave him ten shillings. He nearly fell off his perch but I felt it was worth it. Besides it is peace week!

You must feel at rather a loose end having nothing to do after all the excitement. The last week dearie has been the hardest I have had for I was so afraid something might happen at the very last. I went down on my knees dearie when I knew for sure you were coming back to me.
All love and kisses from your little pal Alice Leighton.

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