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Date: March 23rd 1917

Sandal House
Sandal. Wakefield
Friday. Mar. 23. '17

Dearest Arfa:

Your letter telling about your journey to a C.C.N. came this morning. I wonder what will develop - if it should be Blighty!! Surely it will be for a little while anyway. The very thought of it seems almost too good to be true. I make out the A.D.M.S. as the Administrative Department of the Medical Services - it stands for that anyway whatever may be your solution. I do so want to nurse that knee of yours so I hope that the A.D.M.S. may be a truly nice man. Did you tell him about me? I'm very glad you are laid up for this nasty blustery weather - it might be a Manitoba spring with all the vicissitudes we are being treated to. To-day however was beautiful but it is freezing again to-night.

We went to a Mrs. Hall's for tea to-day and her husband an old chaplain who was in France for five months had rather a lot of tales to unfold. Also he showed me his pet hobby, a collection of china and amongst it I found some of the famous Mason ware. I told him my story of how I was so completely squelshed by that old lady in Minnedosa.

Sunday. Mar. 25.

Your letter came from Etaples with the lovely news that you were on your way to Blinkin Blighty. Dearie, dearie, I am so glad. I could hardly breathe with the thought of it. And now you are in London - well I'll be there too pretty soon so you may be on the watch for me. I can hardly believe it! How funny that you should run into someone that I knew right away. Doris Chambers is a friend of V[?] and Nancy and has been several times at the house. I hope you saw V[?] and Nancy too - they would love to have convoyed you to the hospital I'm sure. I would like to have been at the station to see you arrive. Poor Arfa on a stretcher. I'm longing to hear all your news so I'll see you soon. With all my love in the meantime. Your little pal, Alice Leighton.