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Date: March 20th 1917

Sandal House
Sandal. Wakefield
Tuesday. Mar 20. '17

Dearest Arfa:

There were two dear letters from you this morning written from hospital. Also I had letters from Mrs. Peto, Mrs. Brock (Major Brock's mother) at Glencoe Lodge, Mrs. Grierson and Louie so I got a lot of Canadian news.

Aunt Edie had a visit from her legal advisor on Sunday and you would have died to hear him take off my Canadian speech. I hadn't uttered more than two or three sentences when he repeated what I had said and it was so like myself! and so Irish! He apologized immediately afterwards but we had a good laugh at my expense first. I think I'll have to learn English for a change though Mr. Farris said I was to stay a Canadian.

We were at Miss Mackie's for lunch to-day and it is such a lovely house and full of beautiful pictures. Miss Mackie showed me all over it - just think of one lone female occupying all that house. The garden is very lovely and the rooks cawing in the trees made it seem like miles away in the country. She is awfully nice and hopes to see you before we go back to Canada. Then we went to a bazaar and met, it seemed like, hundreds of people who knew your mother when she was a little girl. They seem to think I'm not a bad sample of daughter-in-law. I met the Vicar of Wakefield and his wife, Canon and Mrs. Welsh. They were in Toronto for fourteen years and know all the Wrights - you remember those girls you met at Aunt Louise's. We became quite chummy and they asked us to tea there on Sunday. I'm really having an awfully good time, Aunt Edie has planned so many nice things for me.

I'd rather though be going to the hospital every day to see you dearie. I wonder if you will get over yet. Even a day would make me blissfully happy. All my love dear heart to make you happy. Your little pal, Alice Leighton.