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Date: March 18th 1917

2 Linnell Close
Golder's Green. N.W. 4
Tuesday. Mar 18th. '17

Dearest Arfa:

Seven months to-day since you went over to France - getting on to a year isn't it. It doesn't seem possible it can be so long and yet too it has seemed years.

Do you know dearie this might have been my birthday or some other great red letter day for here were five letters from you this morning. That is a record - I have got four in one day but five to greet me when I woke up!! You dear, it is so good of you - if you never do anything else sweet in your life I shall always remember how you wrote to me every day when you were in France. I knew there couldn't be that long gap between the 3rd and the 8th unless you were ill or something. Getting the five in a bunch made it feel like Christmas. You sound very happy in your rest billets even if it is pretty cold. I wish you were going to have a longer rest. It must be very jolly at your estaminet and hang the expense Arfie if it is comfortable and you are having a good time - you know nothing is too good for any of you out there. Wasn't I stupid to put $ instead of £ and me thinking myself so clever with English money in these days. You will have Mr. Ross' letter by now and know all about it. Perhaps you had better send the letter back - it might be useful as a reference later. I put the money in the Royal Bank and can invest it later if there is a new War Loan or anything.

Billy's address is 'Parkside. Ewell. Surrey' - he would love a letter from you I'm sure and don't forget little Peter's.

I have decorated the hall with your war trophies and they do look so nice and imposing. Peter gazes at them in admiration and so do all of us - they make a very interesting corner. The helmet excites everybody - I saw one like it down town with a forehead guard attached which sits on those little projecting pieces - it is a sniper's helmet then, so it says.

I go to Aunt Edie's to-morrow at 1:30 and get there about 5 - I wish you were coming too dearie. Goodnight dearie heart and thank you, thank you for all those dear letters. All my love and kisses to make you happy. Your little pal, Alice Leighton.

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