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Date: March 16th 1917

Sandal House
Sandal. Wakefield
Friday. Mar. 16. '17

Dearest Arfa:

Had a dear letter this morning - the first since I have been here. Dearie I'm so sorry about your knee not being better but the doctor is quite right. It is much better to take two or three weeks off now than to keep on doing more damage to it till you might make yourself permanently lame. Can you get over to England on the strength of it. You and Jack could keep one another company at Brighton and I would go down and live nearby to see you every day. Can't you get someone to give you a red ticket - it is red that means Blighty, isn't it? I know how interested you get in all your work but you'll be much more useful in perfect condition than having to pamper your game knee all the time. So don't mind being out for a while dearie and the rest will do you good and if you could come to England!! the idea almost turns my head.

Aunt Edie and I have been all over Wakefield to-day and to the house where you were born and the Grammar School and around Uncle Walter's old house - not in it but just viewing it and the garden from outside. It is very pretty all around and I only wish it were about a month later so all the trees and flowers would be out. We went to a service at Wakefield Cathedral and Canon Welsh who used to be in Toronto gave a sort of serious talk and curiously enough it was on the observance of the Sabbath. I hope you didn't mind my raising that old discussion in my letter yesterday - it was just an instance of the things that worry me and on which I can't come to a definite idea how to act. Sometimes I think I'll just chuck all my ideas and just act like the people I happen to be with for the moment. I suppose I'd be much more comfortable to live with but at the same time I'd feel I had departed from my principles. Do help me about this Arfie and don't think it doesn't matter. Love from your little pal, Alice Leighton.