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Date: February 16th 1917
Auntie Anna

Oaklands. Pembroke Rd. Clifton Bristol.
Feb: 26, 1917
My dear Arthur,

I am so happy to see that [?] & [?] etc. are now ours - I wonder if you and Ned were anywhere handy? I do hope you are all well -

I am always daily thinking of you three dear boys - you, Ned & Robin. The weather has been atrocious since you were here on leave and Dr. Parker has felt the cold a great deal, and was very ill last week when I saw him, though he has been going about all the time. I forget if he lost his bicycle when you were here, it was taken from his gate on the Sunday afternoon & has never been been heard of since.

I went out with Mr. and Mrs. Warwick to a smoking concert a fortnight ago at the Colonial Institute. My clothes smelt very strong of cigar smoke next day. It was a splendid evening. There is a lecture with lantern pictures to be given on "Italy" by Bagot at the Institute, and also a lecture on the "Old Empire" & the New Empire" next Monday. I enjoy these clever talks about interesting questions. I have been feeling the cold and was not able to get up courage to write for it made my head ache. Now the weather, especially today, has given us a feeling of spring in spite of a feeling of cold & need of winter garments. I am thinking of my promised visit to London which the weather, so far, has knocked on the head.

I have been working in the morning & afternoon at the War Depot lately as we had run out of our stock of bandages. I believe we were doing some for Mesopotamia even.

I have no news that would be worth troubling you with beyond this - I sent my copy of Mary Woolfe's will to my Bank the Monday before the War Loan closed, & asked if I could buy through them though I have not yet had the money. I was left £400 - and by some mistake the clerk said they were asking for £500 - I was very troubled when I saw the amount but did nothing not understanding what they meant. When the document from the Bank came it was all right £400 - that means 380 - & I shall have to receive from M. W.'s estate 360 - on account of being no relation. I can by great economy make up the other £20 so it pans out all right. The Bank has advanced the money & I hope I shall get it!!!? Much love from Auntie Anna

I thought I was very patriotic to think of this little plan. I suppose the Bank absorbs all till they get the capital pd in?