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Date: October 1st 1916

Dearest old pal:

There was no letter yesterday and of course none to-day so I can hardly wait till to-morrow morning. It always happens like that, if I miss a letter one day, there is none the next either for the censor takes it into his head to have an investigation or something perhaps it stays in a pocket for a while Then it is all made up by two coming at once. You have been splendid dearie, you don't know how I appreciate it but I just love every word of every letter.

I went to Westminster Abbey this morning to service. It was just packed and I had to stand for a while. Then the French Band were giving a concert in the Horse Guards Parade and I went there on my way home but couldn't get within miles of them. In the millions as it seemed I ran across Mr Yule. It was nice to see him and as we couldn't hope to hear the band we walked up and down 'The Mall' and talked and talked. He's swearing horribly at being stuck here in an office, he says he might just as well go home, and he's devising schemes of all kinds to get to the front. It does seem a shame, a strapping youth like he is to be doing work a woman could easily learn to do while he could be so useful fighting. I wonder if I applied for work at the Canadian Pay Office if they would try me. I am fairly good at figures and there can't be anything very hard about it.

I was to have gone out to Golder's Green to-day for lunch but there marching orders have put them all in a flutter and they have visits and good-byes all over so they asked me not to come. I'm having them to dinner on Tuesday if I can get them. Will you come too? You would be such a lovely surprise dear heart - we would all fairly eat you, that is if I could refrain from having you all to myself.

I haven't known any of the people staying here this week end. They seem mostly to be from Shorncliffe and I overhear many complaints about not getting to the front. I heard of a major reverting to Leiut in order to go - that's pretty good isn't it? This morning the clocks were back an hour and it was lovely then but it got dark very early to-night. All my love and kisses from your little pal Alice Leighton